We are Proudly Canadian!

Violetto Botanicals is a small business located in Toronto.  We care deeply about the safety of our customers, the safety of animals, the wellbeing of our environment, and producing high quality products.  It is our passionate dedication to uniquely create by hand the finest extensive selection of healthy, high standard quality, safe, effective, personal care products possible made with sustainable, natural ingredients.  It is important to us that our company is always striving for better, eco-friendly alternatives and we will always focus on implementing them to improve for our customers.  All of our ingredients are carefully selected based on the safe and healthy benefits they provide to the skin and hair and are hand made in small batches to ensure quality and freshness.   We sell our products exclusively online, but sometimes make appearances at local events when possible.  

Vegan and Cruelty-Free Products
We are certified "vegan and cruelty-free" by Peta and "cruelty-free" by the Leaping Bunny Program.  All of our products are completely 100% vegan.   Our products contain no animal ingredients of any kind or any "animal-produced" ingredients.  For more information about our fight against animal testing, click HERE! 

Palm Oil-Free 
All of our products are free of palm oil. We do not use palm oil in any of our products.  Even if a supplier states that their palm oil is "sustainable", we still refuse to use it in the making of our products to ensure for certain that there is no damage to the animals, their natural habitats or de-forestation of the rain forests. 

Essential Oils
At Violetto Botanicals, we only use true Essential Oils to scent our products.  Essential Oils are all natural plant-derived substances which carry the odour characteristics from the plant which are extracted directly from the leaves, flowers, stems, roots or seeds.  Not only do they add a natural fragrance to the products, but they also contribute to their natural healthy benefits and beautifying qualities to your skin!  We create our very own unique essential oil blends.  We also offer unscented products for customers that prefer no scent.  On each of our product pages, we have indicated the essential oil(s) that scent the product and have added the scent descriptions for you to the best of our accuracy.  Please know that not all of these scents are available in all types of products. For example; We may have once scent that is offered in a soap, but not in a candle.  For any questions or special requests please email us at info@violettobotanicals.com

Natural Ingredients
All of our products free of SLS and parabens.  Our products do not contain any fragrant oils, perfumes, alcohol, foam boosters, synthetic preservatives or synthetic colourants.  They get their own unique colours from the natural oils, plants, clays, herbs or flowers that are added to them.  For more information please visit our ingredients page.

Eco-System Friendly
Each product is 100% bio-degradable and are not harmful to the earth, natural watersheds or Eco-systems.  For more information about this, click HERE!

Environmental, Recycling & Energy-Saving Practices
We do our part with protecting the environment in the making of our products.  For more information on what we do, click HERE!

Charity Awareness 
Violetto Botanicals supports and donates a large selection of its products to a variety of local Autism charities in the community for fundraisers.  For more information please visit our Charity Awareness page. 

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