All of our products are registered with Health Canada.  In Canada, we follow the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI) the system of names for our ingredients that are based on English and Latin words and scientific names.  The ingredients are listed in this way to follow the regulations and requirements that have to be followed under the Cosmetic Regulations of the Food and Drugs Act and part of the INCI system.

If you are unable to recognize, pronounce or read a specific ingredient that is listed on one of our products, we have a completed List of Ingredients, a glossary from A to Z for you to review on every ingredient that is used in the making of our products.     
At Violetto Botanicals, we believe that we have the responsibility to fully disclose our ingredients so that our customers can make the most informed decisions about the products they use.  It is important to us that we use high quality, safe and eco-friendly ingredients in the makings of our products.  We use certified organic ingredients where ever possible.    
We encourage our customers to become "label readers" not only on our products, but any personal care product that they use and understand the ingredient content for safety.  We understand that choosing safe products can be a task without the proper knowledge. 
It is extremely important to us to use ingredients that are cruelty-free, ethically sourced, and have a positive effect on our bodies.  We avoid ingredients that have serious potential health risks which can have a harmful effect on the body or the environment such as low cost animal fats/oils or chemicals that are known to be toxic to the skin or harsh synthetic preservatives.  

In the personal care market, there are many product packages that are deceptive and designed to have the customer believe that the product inside is all natural and safe, but really the product contains carcinogens and contains little or no natural ingredients.  Since there are many terms that don't have "official" definitions, they can be used in many different ways in advertising a product. 

Each day we use many personal care products that contain chemical ingredients that we absorb through our bodies.  Many of these chemicals are linked to the causes of certain health issues.  Small exposures over time can add up and can become harmful.  It is upsetting for us to know that the cosmetic industry approves and agrees that it is safe and acceptable to put toxic chemicals into certain products because it only contains a small amount or small percentage of a particular chemical in the product formula and it is minimal exposure.   

For information on the ingredients that we use in our products, click HERE 
For information on harmful ingredients that are NOT used in our products, click HERE
We update our List of Ingredients each and every time a new product is added to our website to ensure that the information on all ingredients in our products is there for you to find.