Hand Crafted from Scratch Vegan Soaps

We offer a variety of cold processed soap bars!  Our soaps are handcrafted and exceptionally formulated from scratch with luxurious, high quality food grade vegetable and fruit oils.  They are made the old-fashioned way which is called "cold processed".  They are all vegan.  The base oils of each of our soap bars contain a unique ratio of the finest olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter and castor oil.  We have chosen these oils for specific reasons to offer your skin the best moisturizing and protective benefits while being gentle and nourishing to maintain clear and healthy skin.   The main oil of our soap bars is olive oil.  Olive oil is very high in oleic acid which regenerates skin cells and attracts external moisture to the skin.  It contains vitamin E, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.  Olive oil is gentle enough for sensitive skin to use to help prevent wrinkles, dry skin, dry hair, and brittle nails.  Coconut oil has mild cleansing properties and is very rich in emollient fat which helps protect the skin from the elements.  Shea butter helps protect against drying skin as it is rich in unsaturated fatty acids.  It will not clog your pores and has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.  Shea butter contains vitamin A, E, and F and has been known to help certain skin conditions such as burns, sores, scars, dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, dandruff, dry flaking skin and stretch marks.  Castor oil is very moisturizing to the skin and has anti-inflammatory, disinfectant and protective properties.  It is used for its soothing, healing and pain relief for irritated skin.  

In addition to all of those specific benefits mentioned about our soap bar base, a variety of our soap bars have their own unique properties since we have added that combination with carefully selected therapeutic grade clays, flowers, herbs and organic essential oils.      

More Information About Our Soaps:

All of our soaps can be used to shave with (for both ladies and gentlemen!) They make a wonderful lubricant between your skin and a razor while leaving your skin moisturized.  You can use our soaps to wash your hair with if you choose too, (with the exception of our exfoliating bars) as they are ideal for this purpose and will rinse clean without drying your hair out. 
Our non-exfoliant soaps are safe for a baby's tender skin as it is very gentle and mild; but we do not use the synthetic chemical "no-tears" detergent that is added to the commercial soap that provides the "no-tears" effect so please take care to keep it away from their eyes and yours to avoid stinging.
Almost all soap that is bought from manufactured stores is processed by machines formulated with detergents and chemical foaming boosters to create lather and bubbles.  They do not contain the natural glycerin that is formed in the soap making process.  It is stripped out and then sold as a by-product.  Our handmade cold processed soap contains all of the natural glycerin that is formed in the saponification process and is left intact which will help keep your skin soft and healthy.  Our soaps are NOT made by buying a melt and pour base and then adding synthetic scents and colours. 

Our soaps are made with a unique formulation of oils that are combined and saponifided in small batches in order to retain the natural essences of the ingredients and provide healthy skin nourishing benefits.  It is a slow process as we cure our soap bars for 8 weeks to ensure that there is no sodium hydroxide (lye) left in the finished product due to evaporation.  Each bar of soap weighs approximately 4 to 5 ounces (133 grams).  All vary in colour and shape and every bar of soap is slightly different looking than the other since they are all handmade; however all of the ingredients is sustainable and never changes so please do not be alarmed if your soap bar is not exactly as to the picture shown.  Each bar of soap is bio-degradable, cut, trimmed, packaged and labelled by hand.  They give off a great, rich and creamy lather which rinses clean leaving you with no soapy film residue and it will not dry out your skin.    

We test each batch of our cold processed soap and make sure that the pH level is neutral in between 7 and 8. These soaps are all PALM FREE, SLS FREE and PARABEN FREE.  They are NOT tested on animals and contain NO animal ingredients, alcohol, foam boosters, synthetic fragrances, synthetic colourants or harmful preservatives.  Since we have chosen not to include harmful chemical preservatives in our products, our soaps scent is the strongest during the first year after opening.  After that time, it will still get you clean and offer healthy benefits; but the scent might no longer be as strong.  Our soap bars don't expire.  
Care of your Cold Processed Soap Bar:
Each bar of soap should last you between 4 to 6 weeks once you start using.  To help your bar last longer, you must keep them dry after use in a well-drained soap dish and out of puddles of water or they will turn to rubbery mush!  This happens because they are not full of harsh synthetic preservatives.  Please keep it out of heat and direct sunlight.  By allowing the bar to dry out between uses will give you longer use of the bar. We recommend alternating between two bars of soap allowing the other one to dry in the mean time. The more it can dry out the longer it will last. The cold processed soaps will last longer the longer you wait to use it because the curing process still continues after it has been unwrapped and is best left out in the open air (away from water) which makes the bar harder.  This will not undermine the effectiveness of the products.